Why Home Is Here

Meet Edie Weust, resident since 2011

Edie’s first experience with The Gardens was with her mother who was a resident in the seventies. When Edie would visit her, she often took time to visit the Chapel. She knew when she retired someday, that The Gardens would be the place for her as well.

Now over 30 years later Edie has found her home at The Gardens as well since 2011. Edie dove right into activities, doing as she says, “almost everything.” And she still does. She leads the rosary, goes to Mass every day, works in The Gardens store, and so much more.

Edie “loves the kind and caring staff” at The Gardens.

She is excited about the changes in The Gardens and thinks a theater is a great idea. Plus, with the new activity spaces, craft area, and dining options, it is sure to keep up with this busy senior’s lifestyle.

Meet Don Bagge, resident since 2014

When line dancing starts at The Gardens at St. Elizabeth, Don Bagge is the first one out there with Activity Director Joy Regelin. Ninety years young, Don is a big believer in exercise and dancing is one of the activities he relishes.

The two biggest benefits at The Gardens at St. Elizabeth is activities and the friendly people according to Don. “People are friendly here, don’t know anybody, I want to boot out,” Don says with a chuckle.

He loves the activities at The Gardens at St. Elizabeth such as line dancing. “It’s Joy, two women and one man – me,” he explains. When his wife was alive, they loved The Gardens at St. Elizabeth dancing activities. That was what originally sold them on The Gardens. Now it feels like home to him.

According to Don, you can be as busy as you want. He enjoys doing things with Jamie Padilla, another Activities Director, particularly baseball games.

Don has been at The Gardens at St. Elizabeth for five years. His original apartment was on the 13th floor but because of the renovations on the penthouse floors, he now resides on the seventh floor in one of the newly remodeled two-bedroom apartments. 

Don attends a Lutheran Church in Lakewood about seven miles away where he has sung in their choir since 1957.

Although not a drinker, Don is looking forward to having multiple places to go for meals with family and friends, such as the new Pub and Bistro Café once renovations are complete, as well as watching the fireworks from the 14th floor next year-another one of his favorite things to do at The Gardens at St. Elizabeth.

Coffee and Conversation with Al 

Al Christner is excited for the new pub to open on the 14th floor. “I think it will be great to go up and have a sandwich and a beer,” he says. In fact, Al has already arranged to host his family’s Christmas celebration of the Seven Fishes in one of the new 14th floor gathering spaces.

Al, who is 84 years young, came to The Gardens at St. Elizabeth two years ago. He opted to move into one of the newly remodeled apartments three months ago.  Al appreciates the new dining counter with seating in the kitchen and enjoys the great view from his apartment of the city lights as he reads a favorite book.

Al starts his day with breakfast with Fr. Joe and as he says, “several other older guys.” Although he occasionally takes advantage of The Gardens spiritual opportunities such as the Celebration of Life, he enjoys the Great Minds Lecture Series, listening to music presentations, and of course, bus trips to Colorado Rockies games.

What he likes best about The Gardens is that home is here for him.  “Everyone is on a first name basis and it is a nice community,” he explains. Al benefits from the housekeeping service and having to cook only one meal a day. That may change with the new pub and Bistro Café in the future.

He selected The Gardens years ago because his wife, who passed away, grew up in the Highland area.  He stays because it is home to him now.  He shares with others why he enjoys The Gardens, particularly over a cup of coffee.   

So, if you want to know more about The Gardens, stop by for conversation and have coffee with Al.