Why Home is Here.


The Gardens of St. Elizabeth nurtures the healing ministry of the Church through comprehensive and spiritually enriching services for seniors of all faiths including Masses, Sacraments and Protestant worship services. Fidelity to the Gospel urges us to emphasize human dignity as we create a healthier and more vibrant Gardens of St. Elizabeth. We have a passion around a common mission to improve lives and communities with reverence for all creation, integrity in all we do, compassion for those we serve and their families, and excellence by putting forth our personal and professional best. We are committed to creating an environment where home is truly here for all who enter.

Our beautiful chapel is the heart of our campus allows all to enjoy religious services and quiet meditation. Mass is celebrated daily, and throughout the day you can see residents in prayer together and separately. We also have some beautiful outdoor garden and patio areas for our residents to enjoy, whether it be for quiet meditation, conversation with friends, gardening (residents can secure a plot to grow flowers and vegetables!), or reading a book in the shade on a summer day.

Here in Denver we are blessed with some amazing spiritual resources for our community.  For example, not long ago we had Contemplative Outreach come and do an all day seminar on Contemplative Prayer.  From this, we started a weekly “Centering Prayer” gathering in the Chapel which ministers to many.  We also had teachers from the Ignatian Spirituality Program of Denver come and do an all day retreat here on Ignatian Prayer Practices, which was very well received.  We also offer many field trips, such as a recent trip to the Sacred Heart Jesuit Retreat House in Sedalia, for a “Day of Prayer” with Fr. Ed Kinerk, on the topic of Aging and Finding God.   

During the Summer and Fall, we offer “Sacred Space Getaways” where we pack a picnic lunch and tour beautiful churches and other sacred sites and exhibits around the Front Range area.  We also offer book studies, Scripture studies, and occasional speaker and film series.  We are also blessed to have an ongoing partnership with St John Vianney Seminary in Denver.  Each year they assign three or four students during their “Year of Spirituality” to come and immerse themselves in our community for two hours each week. Our residents love having them here!  Our Chaplain, Aram Haroutunian, coordinates all this, and is also available for pastoral care and encouragement.  The Gardens is known for its warm and vibrant spirituality; besides our incredible location and views, it is truly what sets us apart!  


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