Adult Day Services

Adult Day Care Offers Fun, Socialization, and Security

Adult Day Care Services at The Gardens at St. Elizabeth offer seniors who cannot be home alone—or simply do not wish to be—the opportunity to interact with others in a wide variety of engagements. Guests take an active role in a supervised environment that is designed specifically for their cognitive or physical impairment. Designed for people who need care during the day while caregivers work or run errands, senior   day care programs provides:

  • Nutritious lunch and snacks
  • Engaging activities
  • Entertainment
  • Medication management
  • Personal hygiene services

For more information call The Gardens at St. Elizabeth at 303.964.2361 (Adult Day Program Coordinator) or 303.964.3804 (Marketing Office).

The Gardens at St. Elizabeth's adult day care program is available Monday through Friday during business hours.

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