Spiritual Care

Why Home is Here.

Namasté Alzheimer Center is often the final earthly home for the men and women who live here. Fidelity to our Gospel values means we emphasize human and spiritual dignity in the face of a disease process that seems to rob those who live with it from some of what we value as human: independence, self-actualization, and self-expression. In our approaches and programming, we seek to create many opportunities for our residents to experience connection, meaning, and hope throughout each day. We provide comprehensive and spiritual services for seniors of all faiths as their disease progresses and through their dying process. We have a common mission to create quality of life for all in our community with reverence for all creation, integrity in all we do, compassion for those we serve and their families, and excellence by putting forth our personal and professional best. We are committed to creating an environment where home is truly here for all who enter.