Core Values


CHI Living Communities and its employees are guided by our Standards of Behavior that revolve around our Core Values. Click here for a copy of our Standards of Behavior.

Our Core Values:

Reverence - Profound respect and awe for all of creation, the foundation that shapes spirituality, our relationship with others and our journey to God.

Integrity - Moral wholeness, soundness, fidelity, trustfulness in all we do.

Compassion - Solidarity with one another, capacity to enter into another’s joy and sorrow.

Excellence - Preeminent performance, becoming the benchmark, putting forth our personal and professional best.


Every day I will be kind.

Every day I will be patient.

Every day I will take responsibility for my own actions.

Every day I will help my coworkers do the best they can.

Every day I will work for the best possible outcome for all residents.