Body Mind and Spirit

Body, Mind and Spirit Series Mission Statement

The mission of the Body, Mind and Spirit Series is to offer residents and community members programming and events that are focused on Vital Living and will help them achieve their highest level of wellness.

Healthy Aging in Place

Our campuses encourage healthy aging in place.  We take a holistic approach to well-being.  One way we accomplish this is by offering a variety of programming that touches on the spiritual, physical, environmental, nutritional, vocational, emotional and intellectual side of life.  Each CHI Living Communities’ campus develops its own Body, Mind and Spirit Series that fits its community with multiple events open to the public.

Programs can include music concerts, cooking lessons, exercise classes, hobby demonstrations, wine tastings, guest lecturers, and so much more.

Find out more about Body, Mind and Spirit programming on a campus near you and the events open to the community.  Check out the Body, Mind and Spirit tab for the campus of your choice. Our goal is to create even more vibrant senior living communities that offer personal engagement, improve physical health and encourage mental well-being.