Available Homes

Available as of 1/22/20*

Before listing your house for sale, consider going on the waiting list so that we can work together to get you into the perfect Linus Oakes’ home for you!  See details below. 

The Monthly Service Fees at Linus Oakes Village are all-inclusive, and include all of the Basic Services listed on the Services & Amenities page.



#105 – A spacious 2-bedroom/2-bath cottage with a wonderful view, and a private entrance. The second bathroom has an additional storage closet instead of a tub, making it a popular option.  It won’t be available for long! 

Laurelwood Lodge Apartments

#159 – This 1-bedroom apartment is so convenient: 3rd floor for a great view, but also with ground-floor access outside & easy parking, direct access to the skybridge, and very close to the laundry room.  Life just doesn’t get any easier than this!  A deposit of $1,780 will reserve this home for you for 60 days, and the all-inclusive monthly service fee starts at just $1,961/month.

Waiting List

If you are planning to move to Linus Oakes Village within the next year or two, please consider going on the Waiting List. Being on the Waiting List has several benefits:

  • When a home comes available in the size that you request, you are notified of the availability and have three days to decide if it’s the right home for you.
  • There is never any obligation to take a home that is available.
  • There is no limit to the length of time you wish to remain on the Waiting List.
  • You don’t “lose your place” if you pass on an available home.
  • The opportunity to customize your home to your taste (i.e. custom carpet, paint, etc.) is more feasible during the refurbishment process. Ask for details.

There is a $100 non-refundable Waiting List fee, that is credited back to you when you move in.  And the Waiting List form is easy – just name, address, phone number and the type of home you want.

Please call 541.677.4800 for more information.

*Availability subject to change at any time