-State Tested Nursing Assistant

St. Leonard
8100 Clyo Road
Centerville, OH 45458

Job Type: Flexible Hours


Qualified candidates will be able to demonstrate a daily commitment to St. Leonard core values of Reverence, Service, and  Stewardship. The candidate will be dependable with an outstanding ability to multi-task. 

Full-time, Part-time, 1st and 2nd shifts

Department: Skilled Nursing Certified Nurse Assistant 

Major responsibilities include but are not limited to the following functions:

  • Promotes the values and practices of Person-Centered Care throughout daily life in the household.
  • Encourages and assists all residents in achieving spiritual well-being and an optimum quality of life.
  •  Performs all essential responsibilities of a STNA
  • Attends to all resident personal care needs, including but not limited to,grooming, hygiene, dining and nutrition, mobility, toileting, psychosocial and safety needs. Supports residents in self-care and provides care as necessary for those unable to care for their own needs. Responds to residents’ requests, including call lights, in a timely manner.
  • Regularly checks and provides appropriate physical care for all residents; observes all typical /normal needs of residents as well as any unusual changes.
  • Reports immediately any changes in physical or mental functioning or special needs to charge nurse.
  • Reports verbal/non-verbal complaints of pain to charge nurse immediately
  • Complies with all computerized medical records documentation and implementation, including updating daily care and resident-related information as required by federal and state regulations.
  • Provides ROM exercises as directed.
  • Assists and encourages residents to participate in activities both inside and outside the household.
  • Provides light housekeeping, activities, and dietary duties as necessary.

Job Requirements

  • Must be 18 or older
  • Must be current with Ohio registry.  
  • Must pass a background check and drug screen.  
  • Must be a certified STNA in good standing.

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