Facilities Director

St. Clare Commons
12469 Five Point Road
Perrysburg, OH 43551

Job Type: Full Time


Responsible for the planning, organizing, directing, and developing of the overall operation of the Facilities Department in accordance with all regulatory and accrediting agencies.

Essential Job Specific Duties/Responsibilities

  1. Plans, organizes, and directs the maintenance, safety, and security programs.
  2. Compiles inventory of all facility equipment and systems and develops preventative maintenance procedure for each item.
  3. Schedules work order services and repairs on a priority basis.
  4. Maintains the following facility support systems through department personnel or outside contractors: heating, cooling, ventilation, water, plumbing, electrical, electronic, communication systems, appliances, equipment, and grounds.
  5. Recommends development, improvement, alteration, and redecoration of physical plant and grounds to the Executive Director.
  6. Satisfies all educational in-service requirements mandated by CHI Living Communities, the department, external accrediting, and regulatory agencies.

In addition to the essential job specific duties listed above, the Director of Facilities shall be required to perform all duties (essential and non-essential) in a manner consistent with the mission statement and core values (reverence, integrity, compassion, excellence) of CHI Living Communities and will be evaluated on such basis.   

Please apply below or submit your resume to: MFreeman@chilivingcomm.org


Job Requirements

Two years college or technical training preferred

Seven years building maintenance
Three years supervision
Knowledge of Life Safety Code, and state nursing home and residential care regulations
Long-term care or hospital experience preferred

Excellent Attendance Record

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