Maintenance Supervisor

The Gardens of St. Francis
930 S. Wynn Road
Oregon, Oh 43616

Job Type: Full Time


The Maintenance Supervisor is responsible for the overall maintenance and operation of the buildings and the appropriate contents while also maintaining responsibility for inventory control and all required record keeping.  

Essential Job Specific Duties/Responsibilities 

1. Demonstrates responsibility for the quality of work done by maintenance personnel. 

a. Educates self on new technology. 

b. Educates staff on new technology and uses as well as standard practices. 

c. Conducts performance evaluations of employees in a timely manner. 

d. Conducts resident surveys on quality of work performed by staff. 

2. Assigns work appropriate staff and does follow ups on assigned jobs. 

a. Meets with staff every morning, and assigns work. 

b. Follows up with staff on assigned tasks. 

c. Assigns tasks to maintain deficiency-free status of all regulatory agencies. 

3. Procures necessary parts and equipment for inventory and jobs. 

a. Maintains proper inventory of parts used. 

b. Maintains inventory in neat order. 

c. Maintains inventory of major tools and location. 

d. Locates suppliers with most competitive pricing for high quality merchandise. 

4. Demonstrates responsibility for the maintenance inspection and repair of all critical life safety equipment, fire alarm, and emergency generator, and keeps records of such. 

a. Oversees the testing of nurse-call and related equipment. 

b. Oversees fire drills and disaster drills as required by state agencies. 


c. Oversees testing and maintenance of all life safety equipment, fire doors, smoke detectors, and fire extinguishers. 

d. Keeps all equipment in compliance with all regulating agencies. 

5. Demonstrates responsibility for maintenance and repair of all utilities, heating, ventilation, plumbing, and air conditioning systems. 

a. Oversees the maintenance, testing, and repair of all heating and air conditioning systems. 

b. Oversees the maintenance, testing, and repair of all ventilation systems. 

c. Oversees the maintenance, testing, and repair of all plumbing systems. 

d. Oversees the maintenance, testing, and repair of all electrical systems. 

6. Oversees scheduling and daily operations of the Security Department. 

a. Oversees scheduling of staff. 

b. Oversees and monitors tasks performed by the Security Department. 

c. Distributes incident reports/monitors necessary actions. 

7. Satisfies all educational in-service requirements mandated by CHI Living Communities, the department, external accrediting, and regulatory agencies. 

a. Attends all mandatory in-service programs. 

b. Adheres to facility policies and procedures. 

c. Completes yearly online education program by deadline. 

d. Attends employee meetings on a regular basis. 

In addition to the essential job specific duties listed above, the Maintenance Supervisor shall be required to perform all duties (essential and non-essential) in a manner consistent with the mission statement and core values (reverence, integrity, compassion, excellence) of CHI Living Communities and will be evaluated on such basis. Furthermore, every employee must abide by all campus, departmental, and safety policies, rules, and regulations. 

CHI Living Communities has the right to change the job specific duties and specifications required for the position of Maintenance Supervisor from time to time without prior notice. 

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Job Requirements

  • High School or equivalent preferred. 
  • Two years working maintenance. Trade school, certificate or degree in HVAC.
  • Must be twenty-one years of age. 
  • Regular attendance is an essential part of this job. 

Work Environment: 

  • Normal office environment 
  • Handles confidential information 
  • Tight time constraints 
  • Extended visual concentration 


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