Meet our Residents

When Toledo attorney Robert Kaplan needed
rehabilitation services, he turned to Franciscan
Care Center, again.

Staff first met Mr. Kaplan at the hospital and was asked where he was going for rehab, he said, “First, second, and third choice was Franciscan Care Center and he wasn’t going anywhere else.”

According to Mr. Kaplan, he learned about Franciscan Care
Center from a friend. “My friend said it was quiet, I like
quiet.” Since his stay was longer the second time, Mr. Kaplan
planned to take advantage of some of the social gatherings.

“It’s quiet and I have immediate access to help. There is a willingness with the people there to work with me.”

“I like the therapists particularly TJ. They all work well together. There is a lot of harmony.”

Although he is Jewish, Mr. Kaplan felt his spiritual needs were met. “Sr. Jordan stopped by every day and encouraged me.”

Mr. Kaplan credits Sr. Jordan Schaefer, OSF, for getting better during his first stay. “I was at a point that I wasn’t getting
better. Sr. Jordan prayed for me and the next day, I started getting better. If the therapy doesn’t work, Sr. Jordan’s prayers would,” he chuckles. “Everyone needs prayers."