Laughs and Encouraging Words Aid in Recovery

An experienced certified nursing assistant with over forty years of experience, Diane Hellerich knows the Nebraska health care market extremely well. However, when she moved to Toledo two years ago to care for her son, after he sustained an injury, she didn’t know where to go for her own surgery recovery.  It wasn’t until after her fourth surgery that she found the perfect place to recover – Franciscan Care Center.      

According to Diane, the staff is good, therapy is great, people laugh, and the accommodations are nice. “I’ve been to three other centers and Franciscan Care is the best place.”

For Diane who has undergone surgery multiple times, having staff that is able to laugh, giggle, and smile is an important part of her recovery process. Particularly, when she is bed and wheelchair bound for hours. That kindness and support plays an important role in maintaining her positive attitude.

Diane receives therapy twice a day. Therapy work is hard and can be exhausting. She is up to walking 15 steps, but despite a long road ahead of her, she maintains her positive attitude. Her favorite therapists are Matthew, T. J. and Karen.

She continually compliments the staff.  “Everybody is nice to me. Sr. Jordan has been in a lot to see me.” This kind of care is especially important to Diane’s recovery, since she is relatively new to the area and her only family here is her son.

Franciscan Care Center is known for its quality of care, but it is that extra nurturing touch that makes the campus special. Whether it is Sr. Jordan Schaefer, OSF, Director of Mission Integration and Chaplain, stopping by with a kind word and a prayer, the encouraging words from the therapy team, or friendly chats with staff. Everyone at Franciscan Care Center takes the time to show kindness, it is an important part of our faith-based mission and it played an important part in Diane’s recovery.