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Plan Now to Remain Healthy This Winter

Date Published: Oct 29 2020

Use the last sunrays of autumn to prepare for staying safe during colder weather. Here’s how:

Boo to You, Too!

Date Published: Oct 23 2020

As Halloween approaches, do you know its history?

Anne Continues Her Mission of Service at St. Leonard

Date Published: Oct 23 2020


St. Leonard Resident Anne N. was living in Louisiana when she decided to move to Ohio near her daughter. Anne chose St. Leonard as her new Ohio home and here is her story.


Osteoporosis: No bones about it

Date Published: Oct 19 2020

October 20 is World Osteoporosis Day to help raise awareness about this disease. Osteoporosis causes bones to become brittle thin, which can increase your risk of breaking a bone. 

Don't Delay–Get Your Flu Shot Today

Date Published: Oct 06 2020

The CDC and other public health officials urge individuals to get a flu vaccine soon.

Discovering a Purpose and Passion

Date Published: Sep 24 2020

Moving to St. Leonard helped Bernie find purpose and passion in this new chapter of his life.


Respond to U.S. Census to Ensure Health Equity

Date Published: Sep 08 2020

If you haven’t already done so, please make sure you respond by the end of this month to the federal 2020 Census, which was mailed to your home. The census is conducted only once every 10 years, and this is the first time you also may respond to it online or by phone.

Find Resources For At-Home Seniors

Date Published: Aug 20 2020

Watching a beloved parent or friend begin to decline can be very worrisome. However, there are many resources available today to help you both. 

Assess When "Home Alone" May Be Unsafe

Date Published: Aug 06 2020

Nearly everyone begins slowing down as they age. When do you know it’s time to consider senior living options for your parent or other senior loved one?There are several warning signs that you may need to intervene. Keep an eye out for anything that might indicate a loved one may need help.

Protect Yourself Against Phone Scams

Date Published: Jul 24 2020

Unsolicited phone calls from strangers can be downright frustrating. They also may pose a serious threat—scammers know exactly how to trick us into providing sensitive information that could lead to huge financial losses.


CHI Living Communities Featured in National Publication

Date Published: Jul 22 2020

Thanks to CEO Aaron D. Webb, CHI Living Communities is very pleased to be featured in the latest issue of Senior Housing News.

Make Sure Seniors Connect "Smartly"

Date Published: Jul 21 2020

When seniors are alone, such as during a quarantine or threatening weather conditions, it can be especially difficult for them to stay engaged and connected. This may create or add to feelings of isolation and loneliness.


Ways to Connect with Quarantined Seniors

Date Published: Jul 10 2020

When you can’t visit your elderly loved one during a quarantine, you still can help them feel involved and connected by taking numerous actions.

Why You Need A Care Plan

Date Published: Jun 30 2020

Whether you live alone, are in a long-term care facility or are part of a large household, all adults should have a care plan. 

Tips for Older Men’s Health

Date Published: Jun 24 2020

Americans are living longer than ever, yet women are still outliving men by about five years. 

Research suggests this may be due to men not taking care of themselves as well as women do. For instance, women are much more likely to have a primary health care provider and see a doctor at least annually. Men are also more likely to smoke and drink heavily, which may lead to health issues that can greatly shorten their lives.

A Resident’s Project Finds Purpose in Serving Others

Date Published: Jun 05 2020

Walter Pettit, a resident of St. Leonard for over eight years is quite an artistic guy - to enter his home is to see his talents on display! Walter is best known for his handmade greeting cards of which he has a vast collection, created for every ...

Four Ways to Improve Brain Health

Date Published: Jun 02 2020

As we grow older, often our minds slows down, we can become forgetful and it can be harder to multitask. This natural part of aging is referred to as mild cognitive impairment (MCI).

Don't Carry in COVID-19 with Takeout Food

Date Published: May 29 2020

You may be caring for an aging parent or have more people in your household than usual during the pandemic. As the U.S. begins recovery efforts and more businesses re-open, you may choose to get take-out food for a break from many home-cooked meals in recent weeks.

CHI Living Communities Welcomes New CEO

Date Published: May 26 2020

CHI Living Communities is pleased to announce Aaron D. Webb, Esq., as our new Chief Executive Officer, effective June 15. Succeeding former CEO Rick Ryan who retired May 1, Aaron has more than 25 years of diverse experience, including the last 15 in senior health care services.

Why move now? Your family is ours.

Date Published: May 18 2020

Deciding to move into a senior living community can be difficult. It may be even harder during the COVID-19 pandemic. Should you move into an independent living residence now or wait until the pandemic is over? If a spouse or family member needs assisted living, skilled nursing and rehab, or memory care, is it best to continue caring for them at home for a while longer, or find them a senior living option now while space may still be available?

Six Tips for Good Mental Health

Date Published: May 13 2020

Aging. Financial issues. Poor health. Being alone. The death of a spouse or lifelong friend. Each of us has stressors that can occasionally make us feel anxious or sad. The older we get, these challenges may sometimes occur more frequently or even simultaneously, making it harder to cope.

Spiritual Information for Good Friday

Date Published: Apr 10 2020

In these times of COVID-19, the St. Leonard Spiritual Care leadership offer some words of comfort and inspiration on this special Good Friday.

Modified April Resident Activities

Date Published: Apr 09 2020

Resident activities have been modified for the month of April. Dawn, Amy and Samantha provide updates in each level of care.

COVID-19 UPDATE and Video

Date Published: Mar 30 2020

Below are the latest updates to our procedures and closings. If you have any question please feel free to reach out to the appropriate staff member.

Rowan Evans and Joe Castner

Date Published: Jan 28 2020

Rowan and Joe moved to St. Leonard just two years ago. Ever since, they have been highly visible on campus, participating in events and volunteering for whatever they could. Now that they have had time to settle in, they have found their niche(s).


Date Published: Nov 06 2019

The Reverend Harvey Smith and his wife Carolyn became residents of St. Leonard in 2013. With his wife’s declining health, they felt moving to St. Leonard was a good fit for them, surrounded by a familiar community where they had raised their family, made lifelong friends, and served the community.

Feeling the Wind in Your Face, Again

Date Published: Nov 06 2019

With aging, people often lose the ability to enjoy the simple pleasures in life such as a bike ride. Now seniors at St. Leonard (Centerville, OH) can enjoy a bike ride around campus and feel the wind in their hair, sun on their face, and share stories with their personal bike driver.

St. Leonard Named Business of the Year Runner Up

Date Published: Oct 30 2019

Congratulations to all the staff at St. Leonard for earning Business of the Year Runner Up from the South Metro Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Functional Training for Active Older Adults

Date Published: Oct 04 2019

Healthy aging is more than just the absence of disease. For most older people, the maintenance of functional ability has the utmost importance.

How Do You Know if Your Loved One Needs Assisted Living?

Date Published: Jun 19 2019

There are so many commercials on television today talking about the best way to care for older family members. How do you know when your older loved one needs just extra help or can no longer live on their own?