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Franciscan Care Center Named 2019 Readerís Choice for Nursing Home

Date Published: Jul 03 2019

Franciscan Care Center earned the Reader’s Choice for Nursing Home in the 2019 Mature Living Reader’s Choice Awards. 

Four Ways to Improve Brain Health

Date Published: Jan 23 2017

Aging is a part of life.  As we grow older, often our mind slows down, we can become forgetful and it can be harder to multi-task.  This natural part of aging has been referred to as mild cognitive impairment (MCI).

Fridays at Franciscan

Date Published: Dec 08 2016

You and a guest are invited to a complimentary luncheon on The Benefits of Massage Therapy.

Franciscan Care Center Institutes Areaís First Enhanced Inpatient Cardiac Rehab Program

Date Published: Dec 07 2016

Believed to be the first in the area, the program is under the direction of a board-certified cardiologist and is designed to help improve the well-being of individuals who have experienced an acute cardiac event.

New Branding for Franciscan Living Communities Announced

Date Published: Oct 25 2016

Franciscan Living Communities long-term care facilities are being rebranded as part of CHI Living Communities, a national business of Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI). Sylvania Franciscan Health became part of CHI in 2014.

CEO Recognition Award Earned

Date Published: Oct 23 2016

CHI Living Communities earned the Chief Executive Officer’s Recognition Award for being among the Top Five high achievers in the Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) 2016 Performance Culture Assessment.