A Resident’s Project Finds Purpose in Serving Others

Posted by: St. Leonard - Friday, June 5, 2020

Walter Pettit, a resident of St. Leonard for over eight years is quite an artistic guy - to enter his home is to see his talents on display!

Walter is best known for his handmade greeting cards of which he has a vast collection, created for every holiday. His current Christmas card creation began the day after Thanksgiving when he and his daughter created the stencils and cut them out. Walter returned home with a multitude of cut stencils to spend hours and days assembling them into cards for his friends. Several of his friends have collected his cards over many years and now display them for their family and friends to appreciate.

Walter moved to St. Leonard after his wife of sixty years and many of his friends passed away. With the help of his daughter, Walter found St. Leonard as the place for him and moved into a cottage within a year. What does Walter like about living here? “What’s not to like?” he says. “It’s my home and I am very comfortable here with my flowers, my birdfeeders, and with friends I’ve made.”

He also has a display case of beautiful wood carvings he’s created over the past twenty years. On one of the shelves is an assortment of Santas, some of them created for friends tailored around their professions.

Walter has also volunteered at the Franciscan Center on Wednesdays and Fridays at the receptionist desk.

Another tidbit about Walter is that he is a veteran of World War II where he was a fighter pilot, flying B-47’s.

The next time you see Walter around on campus, he will be working on his next card creation. Most recently, the Memorial Day cards he and his family made while in quarantine, have been  big hit!