Posted by: Debbie Parrett - Wednesday, November 6, 2019

The Reverend Harvey Smith and his wife Carolyn became residents of St. Leonard in 2013. With his wife’s declining health, they felt moving to St. Leonard was a good fit for them, surrounded by a familiar community where they had raised their family, made lifelong friends, and served the community.

The Smiths were familiar with St. Leonard before the move here. Harvey had served as an interdenominational minister on the campus. He was also friends with Sister Rose Wildenhaus from St. Mary’s Development, one of the founders of the St. Leonard community.

“I liked the idea to just call maintenance when something needed to be fixed,” says Harvey. “Mowing the grass was becoming such a chore, so I am happy that someone else takes care of that now.”

Carolyn passed away a year after they moved here. She and Harvey had been married for 57 years. Harvey still stays busy as ever, still contributing to the Centerville community and the St. Leonard community as well. He recently was honored by the Centerville-Washington Foundation for his years of service on the school board, parks district board, Centerville Rotary Club founding member, and of course, pastor of Normandy United Methodist Church. He currently helps out with the St. Leonard monthly pot lucks.

“I have always felt that a life of service was important, Harvey said. “And from the beginning of my life on to the profession I chose as a Protestant minister, I was in service. After I retired, I wanted to continue my ministry even though I no longer had a paycheck.” The St. Leonard community is very fortunate to call Reverend Smith a resident.