Preplanning Can Ease Your After Surgery Woes

Posted by: - Tuesday, June 26, 2018

You’ve met with the doctor. Scheduled your surgery. Have all your hospital plans in place.  But what happens after surgery when the hospital is ready to release you?  A little preplanning can make your recovery faster.

According to Sara Thompson, Admissions Coordinator for Bishop Drumm, doing your research ahead of time for after your hospital stay can help your transition to a care center go more smoothly. Understanding the services available, the care you will receive, and the expectations will make you feel more comfortable and put your mind at ease.

Know Where You Want to Go After Your Hospital Stay

Home or skilled nursing center? If you are expected to do some of your recovery or rehabilitation in a skilled nursing center afterwards or if you are not sure, it’s good to make your selection before surgery.

“When you are not feeling well, it is hard to make decisions that are right for you. We encourage people to tour Bishop Drumm to learn about the services we have and the care we provide,” she explained.

What Questions to Ask

Typical questions you need to ask when selecting after hospital recovery care can include:

  • What services does the center offer?
  • Do they have rehabilitation therapy available every day?
  • What types of therapy are available -- physical, occupational and/or speech?
  • Do they offer any specialty programs or enhanced clinical capabilities?
  • Will they do a home assessment before you are ready to go home?
  • Do they have private or semi-private rooms?

Complete Paperwork before Hand

If you will need skilled care after your hospital stay, making your selection beforehand and completing your paperwork ahead of time will ease your mind.  Before you need care, is the time to check with your insurance company, particularly if you might be using multiple sources, and knowing what is covered and your options.  It helps when everything is in place.

Bishop Drumm – Your Stepping-Stone to Home Quickly

Bishop Drumm is the perfect setting for recuperating between hospitalization and home. Our post-acute rehabilitation program is designed for those recovering from situations such as cardiac conditions or stroke, fractures, and hip or knee replacements or when you are not quite ready to be at home.

The Bishop Drumm Difference

  • Rehabilitation Therapy Services offered seven days a week
  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapies are available
  • Wound, pain, cardiac, and infectious disease management
  • Home evaluations prior to returning home
  • Private rooms available and state-of-the-art facilities

The Healing Ministry of the Church

In addition to top care, Bishop Drumm nurtures the healing ministry of the Church through comprehensive and spiritually enriching services for seniors of all faiths including Masses, sacraments, and prayer services. Bishop Drumm is committed to creating an environment where home is truly here for all who enter and their families.

For more information on how Bishop Drumm can help you preplan or to come in for a tour, call 515-270-1100 or go to Conveniently located in Johnston at 5837 Winwood Drive, Bishop Drumm is the perfect stepping-stone from hospital to home.