DayAway Services at St. Leonard

Posted by: Debbie Parrett - Tuesday, August 15, 2017

As the Manager of DayAway, Lisa Frantz
wears many hats. Activity director,
supervisor, assessor, nursing assistant,
coach and biller all encompass her
duties. “The interaction with people is
the best part of my job,” Lisa says. The
guests, their families and co-workers
make her position so fulfilling. Also she
finds the variety in her day to be a plus.
No two days are alike so it stays fresh.
DayAway is a program designed to provide a safe, comfortable
and stimulating environment for individuals to come and have
a positive experience. Often, the guests have a wide range
of physical, cognitive and memory impairments. Caregivers
are able to leave their loved ones feeling confident that the
staff is trained to care for both personal needs and to provide
enhancing activities.
Lisa and her staff demonstrate examples of reverence, integrity,
compassion and excellence everyday. It might be Ruby calming
someone while she gives them a TB test or Susan praying with a
guest that is in pain. It could be Leslie, being creative, distracting
a guest who is displaying negative behaviors. Kelli knows just the
right thing to say to engage someone in an activity who didn’t
want to participate. Karen displays patience, talking at length to
a family member to reassure them dad is doing fine through the
Lisa came to St. Leonard thirteen years ago, after working in a
children’s treatment center that unfortunately closed. On her
job search, she was hoping to find something related to older
adults since she had worked with them before and found it quite
rewarding. The DayAway manager position was the perfect fit
for her.
Lisa concludes, “The biggest challenge is balancing all my duties
while still making time to be with the guests, which is the best
part of my day!”
For more information about the DayAway program, contact
Lisa at 937-436-6315.