The Gardeners of St. Leonard

Posted by: Lynn Alejandrino-St. Leonard Resident - Friday, August 11, 2017

I received a notice in early spring to attend a meeting for a garden plot and so I went.  My goal was to grow some organic herbs and Heritage tomatoes. At the meeting, I was able to obtain a 4x4 foot raised bed. The other attendees were serious gardeners with lots of experience and high expectations. Some of them were going to maintain huge plots and some, even double huge plots.

I planted my garden but was disappointed about the hardness of the soil. A trowel helped to get my plants into the ground but my claw just didn’t budge the hard earth. Eve, a fellow resident, told me she was watering my plants. “Isn’t that nice,” I thought. I assumed I was doing a good job watering but I guess the water didn’t penetrate the hard soil. “Thanks,” I said. Another resident, Joan, kindly told me after church one day that my plants needed fertilized.  “Oh thanks, I had forgotten about that,” I said. So I went over to Ace Hardware for some organic fertilizer. Eve told me she was weeding my garden so I thanked her again. So many people mentioned my garden to me and how nice it looked.  Many were very encouraging and I felt good about that.

Last week, my 17-year old grandson helped me carry water to the garden.  I got out my claw and started scratching the hard earth.  “Grandma,” he said. “why do you have the plastic covers on the prongs of your tool?” as he removed them. How embarrassing!  I applied the claw to the earth, and what do you know, it was soft as cake mix.

Little by little, I’m coming along and so is my garden.  What I have learned is that gardeners at St. Leonard are really nice people and I love them all!