Body Mind and Spirit


Mission Statement

The mission of the Body, Mind and Spirit Series is to offer residents and community members programming and events that are focused on Vital Living and will help them achieve their highest level of wellness.

Calendar of Events - Click here to download brochure


16 Explore Our Country - Iowa...
Iowa Hall of Pride and Historical Building Tour with lunch at Bartta's, McAT, MP & BD, 10 am

16 Summer Music Series - One Man Band, BD, 3 pm

24 Alzheimer's Walk at Des Moines State Capital, McAT, MP, BD, 9 am


5 Wine Tasting & Cheese  Event, MP, 2 pm

10 Explore our Country - Texas...
Sip & Paint...Texas Bluebonnets, McAT, 2 pm

10 Summer Music Series - Metro Brass Quintet, BD, 5 pm

11 9/11 Recognition & Delivery to Officers & Fireman, McAT, MP, BD, 10 am

13 Iowa-Iowa State Tailgating, McAT, MP, BD, 11:30 am 

16 Fall Prevention Program, McAT, 3 pm

20 Celebrating Our Oak (80th) Anniversary-
Planting Oak Trees and a Picnic at Terra Park, McAT, MP, BD, 11 am

24 Mercy Day Mass & Celebration, McAT, MP, BD, 10 am