Body Mind and Spirit


Mission Statement

The mission of the Body, Mind and Spirit Series is to offer residents and community members programming and events that are focused on Vital Living and will help them achieve their highest level of wellness.

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BodyMind and Spirit

June 6: Greek Food Festival and Tour of St. George Greek Orthodox Church
June 13: Music Fest– Music variety by several artists with activities & food stations
June 20: Alzheimer's Walk in Des Moines
August 6: Meskwaki Pow Pow
August 22: SIDS Walk in Des Moines
September 18: World Food & Music Festival
September 24: Dogtoberfest– Blessing of the Pets and Bark's & Brew
October 1: Art in the Park–Collection of paintings, writings, artistic items with music and food
October 17: IMT Des Moines Marathon
November 1: Dia dé los Muertos–Des Moines Art Center
November 12: Bishop Drumm Pulitzer & Storytelling Awards Event (writing showcase, storytelling accomplishment recognition)
December 1: No Room at the Inn Festival at Valley United Methodist Church

Body:  IMT Des Moines Marathon
Throughout 2020, our "Why Not" Community will train team members and residents to educate and implement movement into our daily lives. During 2020, we will work together and move to breathe better, build our stamina and build relationships with families, residents and team members.
Each month's focus will be on education of why moving is important for our minds and bodies. Speakers will provide firsthand knowledge as we train for the IMT Des Moines Marathon. We will participate in smaller walks/races in the spring of 2020 building up to the Marathon. The culmination of this training will be to participate in a one-mile and 5-miles walk with family, residents and team members together. 

Mind: With Art in Mind
Within and around our community, the 2020 With Art in Mind series will explore the world of arts including, painting, photography, culinary arts, literature, music, theater, and history. Residents will tour artist studios, local creative businesses, discover murals and sculptures around the metro, attend theatrical performances and more. Our community will host writing workshops, a Spring Music Festival and a Fall Art in the Park event. Guest speakers will share their talents in writing, acting, cooking, painting and drawing. Throughout the year, we will focus on recording life stories, a photography project, and repeating favorite recipes. Tap into your imaginative spirit to explore the many facets of creativity With Art in Mind.  

Spirit: Explore Our World: Great Faiths
Bishop Drumm is blessed by a strong heritage of mission and compassionate spiritual care. As our mission calls us to provide spiritually enriching services for seniors of all faiths, throughout 2020 our campus will explore our world's Great Faiths. By embracing the larger diversity of our community, we are eager to learn how these "world religions" are practiced locally. Faith traditions included on our journey are Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Native American spirituality and more. We will visit sacred spaces, host guest speakers to learn more about these faiths.