Body Mind and Spirit


Mission Statement

The mission of the Body, Mind and Spirit Series is to offer residents and community members programming and events that are focused on Vital Living and will help them achieve their highest level of wellness.

Calendar of Events - Click here to download brochure



6 Master Gardener - Jerry Kluver, BD, 10am

7 Picnic in the Park (Cottonwood), McAT, MP & BD, 11am

11 Safety Program by Concept Rehab, McAT, 3pm

15 Johnston Green Days Parade, McAT, MP & BD, 10am

18 Neil Smith Wildlife Refuge, McAT, MP & BD, 1pm

21 Summer Soltice Prayer, BD, 10:30am

25 4th of July Themed Painting Class, McAT, 2pm

27 Let's Go Fishing at Terra Park, McAT, MP & BD, 10:30